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aromatic mist sprays by Annemarie

Since 2005, Annemarie developed and tested her aromatherapy sprays before selling them to the public. Each spray has very special story on why it was developed and a very specific formula.  Aroma oils are used for physical health or mood. In order for these sprays to work, you want to have your heart opened to allow the vibrational shift to occur. It is one step in many to restore, re-energize and balance your life.

Each of my sprays contain therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils and flower essences that promote balance in your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Each spray has been carefully crafted by me with love and light.

All my sprays are made from distilled water that sits for months, harnessing the energy from a collection of submerged crystals and Reiki energy. A small crystal is included in each bottle to ensure the continuity of energy. All sprays’ formulas were developed and tested by me to bring you the best combination of oils, essences, water and energy.

Enjoy these special sprays! 

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