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Energy Healing Therapy (EHT) is a simple, non-invasive energy healing system that promotes the health and well-being of the entire physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. EHT is a branch of complementary and alternative medicine. It is an umbrella term used for any therapy that works with the energy circuits in your physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and help your body’s innate healing mechanisms. EHT reduces stress and promotes deep relaxation, balance, harmony, and wellness, allowing healing to occur.

As an energy healing practitioner, Annemarie uses a variety of EHT modalities to clear, repair and balance the body’s energy systems. Clients reported immediate feelings of change, lightness, centeredness, calm and relaxation, yet the healing effects can continue for days afterwards, as body, mind and spirit integrate, and toxins are released.

Annemarie specializes in Energy Healing Therapy which may include reiki, Bach Essence Therapy, Sound Therapy, Crystal Therapy, and Spiritual Counseling. Treatment is done fully clothed, attuning the energy flow within the body. Each session is specific and individualized according to client’s needs.

60 minutes: $100 | 90 minutes: $165 | 2 hours: $225

Annemarie is masterful in helping me address the issues and challenges I am facing in a beautifully blended spiritual and energetic way. After our discussions, she uses her many tools to realign my energy and clear any blocks I may have. I always leave our sessions feeling more grounded, centered, and open.

Andrea Novakowski

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