Bach flower essence consultation

“Disease is, in essence, the result of conflict between soul and mind, and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort.”

– Dr. Edward Bach

about Bach Flower Essence Consultations

The Bach Flower Essence Consultation takes place in a safe and empathetic atmosphere where we discuss the negative emotions, present problems, and habits that are bothering you. Together we determine which remedies would best restore your sense of balance, peace and clarity. The Bach Flower Remedies work to restore your bodies self-healing abilities through relieving stress and opening you up to your endless potential and infinite possibilities. So you can take control and move forward in your life. ​

​initial consultation

An initial Bach Flower consultation requires up to 45 minutes and allows us to identify any challenging emotions or difficulties you are experiencing. We’ll look to determine the root cause of your emotional imbalance, and recommend a combination of flower remedies to address your emotional state. Bach Flower Remedies aim to restore emotional balance. As such, each remedy is tailored accordingly. You will be advised on how and when to take it, and written instructions will be provided along with your bottle of customized essences. The mixture will last up to 3 weeks, during which time I encourage you to contact me about how you’re feeling, and to set up your next appointment.

Initial Bach Flower Essence Consultation

60-minutes consultation and a 1 oz. customized Bach Flower remedy | $115

Initial Bach Flower Essence Consultation + Energy Work

90-minutes session which includes a 45-minute consultation, 40 minutes of energy work, and a 1 oz. customized Bach Flower remedy  |  $185


Follow-up consultations may take up to 30-minutes and are usually done every 3 weeks after your initial consultation. At that time we may need to make slight adjustments to your remedy, taking out or adding certain essences. Follow-up appointments are available only after an initial appointment and are for briefer discussions.

Follow-Up Bach Flower Essence Consultation

30-minutes consultation and a 1 oz. customized Bach Flower remedy | $75

Follow-Up Bach Flower Consultation + Energy Work

60-minutes session which includes 20-minutes or less of consultation time, 40 minutes of energy work, and a 1 oz. customized Bach Flower essences remedy  |  $115

Annemarie has been invaluable in shaping my ability to accomplish my goals in every facet of my life!  As a business owner with a busy and demanding schedule, literally I consider my time with Annemarie to be a top priority because of her insights, energy healing, straight talk and guidance, and holistic approach to my health and that of my family!  Over the past few years that I’ve been a customer of Celestial Beginnings … my colleagues, friends and family have seen an unbelievable shift in who I am as a person really trying to make a difference in the world … Annemarie and her innovative work is at the center of my success!!!  From her expertise in reiki to crystals and Bach essences she has us covered!!!

Barbara Adamus

*While no medical claims can be made about flower remedies, relieving stress and imbalance in the mental and emotional realms is known to support healing in the physical realm, as well.

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