selenite & sound™

selenite & sound™

Selenite clears negative energy. It is the clearer(that which is used to clear) and never needs to be ‘cleared’. Like Dory the fish it holds nothing. So, you can Reiki charge it but it will not hold that charge for more than a minute. It does this because it is always in the process of emitting negative ions. Just like the negative ions emission from the ocean it came from. It helps us to relax and open ourselves up to inspiration

Nicki LeMarbre

Founder of Selenite & Sound™

Selenite is an amazing crystal! It was created by dehydration of ancient ocean waters. Selenite is known for its second highest vibration that can deliver clarity of mind, cleanse the aura of negative energy build up, both within the physical and the etheric body, and balance the chakras. During a healing session, selenite rods are placed on your torso (it’s light), between your calves, one on each of your sides and one small selenite rod in each hand. You will relax in the selenite energy.  Then the practitioner plays crystal bowls and pyramids to raise the vibration of the selenite. Relax and enjoy this uplifting session.

60 minutes: $100 | 90 minutes: $165 | 2 hours: $225

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