Ü∏∂ reiki for LightWorkers: level IV

Ü∏∂ reiki for LightWorkers: level IV

Fourth Level or Master Level focuses on the Spiritual level of the human body. This includes understanding your connection to the universe, ethical principles and Universal Laws as you become an Ü∏∂ Reiki Master. You will receive attunement Reiki symbols to pass attunements and other healing techniques. This level concentrates on the continuation of your spiritual journey, reaching your ultimate purpose and expansion of your consciousness. You will continue to develop your psychic abilities by learning to channel for others and adding tools in your toolbox like making energy balls, back burner and Reiki flush. Ü∏∂ level IV attunement, manual, and certificate included. 

Prerequisites: Ü∏∂ Reiki Level I, II & III   |  Class Length: 7 hours  |   Cost: $300

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