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Ü∏∂ reiki for LightWorkers

Ü∏∂ Reiki for LightWorkers was developed by Annemarie over 10 years ago. She studied many styles of Reiki and loved each any ever one of them. But she wanted to understand her nature intuitive talents and help others like her who wanted to serve. Annemarie channeled Ü∏∂ (UMA which means mother) and together these manuals were written. Over the years, Annemarie has taught hundreds of students in this style of Reiki, so they could go forth and spread this energy in their personal and professional lives.

Your Life Journey begins from the moment you take your first breath until you pass over. It is how you choose to think, speak, and act in between that decides how your soul vibrates and what imprints you leave on this world.

A. Seidenberg

level I

First level focuses on the Physical Level of the human body. This includes understanding of energy, Reiki, and Ü∏∂ Healing Energy.

level II

Second level focuses on the Emotional Level of the human body. This includes in-depth look into your who you are, archetypes, symbols, and your emotional energy system.

level III

Third level focuses on the Mental Level of the human body. This includes non-traditional reiki symbols, color therapy, 12 chakras, levels of intuition and energy tools.

level IV

Fourth Level or Master Level focuses on the Spiritual level of the human body. This includes understanding your connection to the universe, ethical principles and Universal Laws as you become an Ü∏∂ Reiki Master.

psychic development workshops

Everyone is intuitive or psychic! Your psychic ability is measured by the willingness and trust you use in listening to your intuitive voice inside. Learning to develop your own natural psychic abilities is like working your muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. These workshops are designed to help you to strengthen your psychic abilities which is key to spiritual growth.

Everyone is intuitive in one sense or another. ‘Intuition’ means into the soul, so it’s really the language of the soul. Every person is born with that sixth sense, but not everyone listens to it. Not everyone is a medium, but everyone has an ability.

James Van Praag

Introduction, Level I

Everyone is intuitive! Individually, we possess a specific style of intuition within us. This foundational class helps you identify, understand and  develop your inner senses. The ultimate goal is for you to explore and learn about your own specific style.

Basic, Level II

Your birthright is endless potential and infinite possibilities. Level II  class helps you go deeper in understanding your intuition and how you are going to use your skillset to help others.

Intermediate, Level III

Intermediate training expands upon both the depth and the breadth of the Basic Level techniques through the Intermediate Attunement.

Advanced, Level IV

This workshop includes Attunement to another angelic ray. The energy of this ray is very different than the energies you were attuned to in the basic and intermediate levels.

Pendulum Workshops

Pendulum workshops description here.

Everyone is intuitive in one sense or another. ‘Intuition’ means into the soul, so it’s really the language of the soul. Every person is born with that sixth sense, but not everyone listens to it. Not everyone is a medium, but everyone has an ability.

James Van Praag

pendulum dowsing for beginners

In this workshop, you will learn basic information about pendulum and develop new telekinesis skills.

connecting with your guides

Many people want to communicate with their spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, or other loving spirits that surround them. In this workshop, you will learn how to connect with your guides, learn about your guides, and ask for spiritual guidance.

pendulum dowsing the human body

In this workshop, you will learn how to dowse the energy field of the human body with a metal pendulum and deepen your telekinesis skills.

tools in your toolbox workshops

A well-equipped toolbox is essential for helping yourself or others in life. These workshops are designed to add techniques and methods into your growing toolbox.

Intuition is the number one tool in the toolbox.

Matthew Mellon

angelic realm: the joy of angels

Angels are our gift from God. Develop a connection and learn to communicate with these beautiful celestial beings in this series of three workshops.

healing with crystals

Learn the properties and benefits of crystals, how to clear and energize your body, and space, raise your vibrations, and access self healing.

crystal layouts

Explore the art of crystal layouts. and continue to enhance your skills by learning about crystal energy vibrations through different crystal shapes.

colors all around us

This workshop focuses on playing with and understanding the meaning of color, the colors of the chakra, how to heal yourself and others using color, and how to add color to your life.

communicating with deceased loved ones

Learn how to communicate with deceased loved ones. Become skilled at receiving information from those in the Light on the other side, which will bring wisdom, healing, and comfort to yourself and others.

virtual personal growth workshops

Personal growth, a lifelong process, is the desire and motivation to improve your habits, behavior, actions and reactions. These virtual workshops below focus on helping you to clear and rebalance body-mind-spirit.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

virtual breakthrough limits: emotional freedom technique group

Transform your limiting beliefs, emotions and fears into empowering thoughts, feelings and actions in a group setting. Discover what is at the root of your struggles in life. This workshop is offered twice a month on a specific issue like. Please check calendar for topic, date and time.

virtual light and love sound healing circle

Sound healing is the use of physical sound vibrations for therapeutic benefit. The sound vibrations are typically produced by sound healing instruments. It is unique among healing modalities because sound vibrations produce pure sounds, rich in overtones and harmonics, that interact in a positive way with your physical body, emotions and subtle energy fields.

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